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Information Technology

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Recycling Computer Equipment Containing
Confidential Information
The following office is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in this policy:

Chief Information Officer for Information Technology Services

When an office or department needs to recycle or transfer equipment containing confidential information, it must be delivered to CC-G01 (Computer Center, Room G01).  Delivery of the equipment can be made by the originating office/department or by submitting a service request to Physical Facilities requesting expeditors to pick up and deliver. Do not leave computer equipment unattended or in hallways during transfer.

I. If the computer equipment is being redeployed by a campus department, it will be processed using the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) methods, reloaded with University licensed operating system and programs, and then distributed to another user on campus and a Form A completed to designate the new location for the inventory.

II. If the computer is being surplused, traded, sold or scrapped, the hard drives will be hand carried to the recycler and shredded while Information Technology Services personnel observe.  A certificate of this process is provided and kept on file. This shredding ensures that there is no way any information can be recovered from the drive.

III. If a copier is being surplused, traded, sold or scrapped, the hard drives are destroyed by the recycler. A hole is plunged through each hard drive making it unusable and insuring that no information can be recovered.

As always, please remember to fill out a Form A when surplusing or transferring any equipment. The Form A can be completed online at prior to submitting the form, be sure to print a copy and attach it to the equipment.

Contact Information Technology Services, Operations Department, at 607-777-6103 with any questions or concerns. Leave a message and someone will return your call.


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