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Facilities and Property

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Banners and Signs
The following office is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in this policy:

Office of University Communications and Marketing


The only banners allowed on Bartle Drive will be large banners that cross the road and the smaller ones on the poles that promote the University's institutional messages. All banners must be coordinated and approved by the Office of University Communications and Marketing.

The large banners on Bartle Drive are for promoting high-priority institutional events and events with a strong campus-community connection.


Requests from sponsoring organizations/departments for general exterior signage related to advertising or information about special events on campus must be submitted to the Office of University Communications and Marketing for approval as well as verification that it is an authorized event. The University Police Department's Parking Service will determine the appropriate type and location of directional signage.

If needed, signs will be created by University personnel. The installation and removal of any signs will be done by campus personnel.

A charge may be levied to the organization/department sponsoring the event for signage creation, installation or removal.

Electronic Message Boards:

The purpose of the electronic message boards located at the main and lower-Bunn Hill Road entrances to campus is to promote and celebrate institutional events and to provide critical information. With this purpose in mind, the only messages to be allowed on these electronic message boards will be those devoted to promoting high-priority institutional events and messages or events with a strong campus-community connection, as well as information about traffic control and safety issues as warranted. All messages are to be coordinated and approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing and must be consistent in content and tone with the University’s institutional messages.

To request messages be placed on the electronic message boards, e-mail the Signs account at Appropriate units/offices on campus may also place high-priority alert messages (i.e. a safety message from University Police) as part of the University’s emergency/alert communications process.

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