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Institutional Services

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Campus Mail Services
The following office is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in this policy:
Physical Facilities - Principal Mail Clerk

The following CMS (Campus Mail Services) procedures and information should assist you in achieving faster deliveries and better service.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  Questions regarding current information and assistance may be directed to the CMS at extension 72914.  Addressing standards and Directory assistance can be accessed at:


Intra-Campus Mail for Faculty and Staff: Use person's name and department. Please do not use nicknames, initials, building or room numbers. The Innovative Technologies Complex and the University Downtown Center are serviced by the CMS, and intra-campus mail can be used by following the same procedures.

Intra-Campus Mail for Students: Use #10 plain white envelope. Use student's name and BU Box number.

Incoming Mail for Faculty and Staff: Addresses must include a name and department in order for it to be deliverable. Use the proper Zip+4 along with the PO Box number for your department. Mail not having a department in the address will be delayed while attempts are made to find the recipient.

Addressing Sample:   

PO Box 6000
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

The following departments have their own PO Box numbers:

Admissions - PO Box 6001
Student Accounts - PO Box 6003
Binghamton Foundation - PO Box 6005
Libraries - PO Box 6012

Incoming Mail for Students: All mail must include the correct BU Box number (the student's personal mailbox) to be deliverable. All mail carried by the United States Postal Service must also have PO Box 6020 in the address.

Private shippers will not deliver to a PO Box number, therefore, "4400 Vestal Parkway East" needs to be substituted for the PO Box number.

Mail not including a BU Box and PO Box number will be returned to sender.

Addressing Sample:

BU Box #####
PO Box 6020
Binghamton, NY 13902-6020


The department must be included in the return address for return purposes. An account bar code must be included for charge back purposes. This will also speed the processing and improve the accuracy of the charges for outgoing mail. Priority, Express, Certified, and Registered forms can be ordered from the CMS.  Unless otherwise endorsed, all mail willbe posted via First Class service. This includes both domestic and foreign mail.


To prevent personal mail from being returned to sender, please be sur to use the correct amount of postage. Stamped mail over 13 ounces must be taken to a Federal Postal Facility or the CMS Personal Postage window.


A vending machine for after hours use is in the lobby of the Campus Mail Services, located in the basement of the University Union.  Stamps are available from this unit. 


The CMS has two windows to service the campus community: one for retail sales, the other for business meail and package pickup.

Personal Postage (retail sales): Open from 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Inter-session hours are from noon until 2:30. Offering retail sales of stamps, postage, and mailing supplies. UPS is also offered as a shipping option. This is located in the south end of the University Union, by the bowling alleys.

Main Window (package pickup and business mail): Open from 11:00 a.m. to 3:50 p.m., Monday through Friday during Fall and Spring semesters. Inter-session hours are from noon until 2:50. This window is located in the north end of the University Union underneath the Susquehanna Room. Students can retrieve their parcels from this window with their BU ID. All University business mail is processed in this area.


Please call CMS with your questions regarding current rates and fees.  You may also call the United States Postal Service at 1-800-ASK-USPS. The USPS also has an extensive website, where a rate calculator, zip codes, and other useful information is available when you need it. Just go to for general information. For the rate calculator go to


Express Mail: This service provides guaranteed delivery of your letter or parcel to most destinations within the United States.

Certified Mail: Certified Mail allows the sender to have proof of sending the item.  With Certified Mail, you may also have the recipient sign and send back a Return Receipt to let you know they have received their mail piece.

Priority Mail: Priority Mail is promoted by the USPS as having a 2 to 3 day delivery time within the United States, however, this delivery time is not guaranteed.  Any parcels over 12 ounces are automatically sent at the Priority Rate.  It is the CMS recommendation that any time sensitive material should be sent via another method.

Insured Mail: Packages needing insurance are sent via United Parcel Service. 

Supplies and Forms: Supplies and forms for the above mentioned services are available from the CMS.  Please make sure to include your department name on all receipts that will be returned to you.


Endorsements: Overseas mail will be sent via regular Air Mail unless otherwise endorsed.  For rates, fees, and time of delivery, please check the USPS web site. 

Express Mail: You may use Express Mail to deliver time sensitive matter overseas with less paperwork than a private shipper requires.  Regular Domestic Express Mail envelopes and forms may be used, and customs forms are required for all parcels.

Registered Mail: When you need to send mail Certified to a foreign country  you must use Registered Mail.  You may also have a Return Receipt added for proof of delivery.

M-Bags: Books may be sent at reduced rate by using an M-Bag.

Customs Forms: Customs forms are not required on documents less than one pound. For all other items, customs forms must be filed electronically by CMS prior to mailing. Attach a note to the outside of the envelope/parcel with a description of the item as well as a value in US Dollars. Please be aware that if a high dollar value is assigned to the item, duties and taxes may have to be paid by the recipent or sender.


IMEX has changed their mailing requirements and each mailing must be large enough to meet their minimum threshold of $500.


The University has a contract with United Parcel Service to ship at reduced rates. UPS provides the opportunity to track and insure the shipment. UPS Next Day Air service for letters and parcels also offers a significant savings compared to Express Mail by the USPS. PLEASE NOTE: All UPS shipments must have a street address. UPS can not ship to a PO Box.

To use UPS, please make a notation on the item's address label to Ship Via UPS. Include the service level required (Next Day, Second Day, Three Day Select, or Ground) and note any insurance requirements. Also include your account bar code for chargeback purposes. If you would like to track the item, please include your email address and UPS will send the tracking information when the item is picked up from our office.

UPS can also be used for International Express and Ground services. Please contact the CMS for further information.


This is a free courier service between certain state agencies.  Please contact the CMS for further details.   

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