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Recruitment Guidelines, Professional Employees
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Human Resources

As vacancies occur or new positions are created, divisional or departmental managers are responsible for the creation of a search committee to recruit staff. However, before a search committee is created, the divisional or departmental managers must have already received budgetary approval through the position request process. The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion must be involved in collaborating on the composition of the search committee, via the completion of form I required by that office.

Immediately upon agreeing to the individuals serving on the committee, the chairperson of the search committee is responsible for creating a complete position description and working with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to complete all required paperwork.  In addition, the search committee chair should assure that budgetary approval has been received by the division or department to either create or fill the position and that the appropriate paperwork has been completed with Human Resources.  

As referenced in management procedure 602, there is an on-campus agreement with UUP regarding the posting of positions and consideration of internal, eligible staff at the University prior to the consideration of external candidates.  Posting of the position on the Human Resources website should be coordinated through the Human Resources Office, contacts listed at the end of this procedure.  In no case may external advertising occur prior to the position being listed internally.  In addition, it is the responsibility of the search committee chair to communicate directly with all eligible, internal candidates regarding their status in the search prior to the consideration of any external candidates.  See the internal agreement as an addendum to management procedure 602 for more specific information.

When feasible, the person or committee conducting the search should screen for more than a single candidate so that two or three acceptable candidates are interviewed.  The top candidates should be brought to campus for interview, preferably within a one-two week timeframe.  Often the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion meets with search committees to review a variety of things, including what kinds of questions are and are not appropriate. It is often recommended that the same “core” of questions should be posed to all candidates in an effort to make a reasonable comparative analysis of response. 

Fiscal constraints should be kept in mind when planning advertising, determining the number of candidates brought to the university and when hosting candidates.  The Human Resources Office posts all professional vacancies on the national website of higher education  Also, the use of Graystone Group Advertising is considered a viable option when posting advertisements in external newspapers and other publications, since they are often able to garner more reasonable, group rates than individual departments.  This group is also adept at professionally organizing and placing ads to enhance the professionalism with which we present ourselves as a university. Information regarding advertising options can be received from discussions with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on campus as well.   

Prior to interviews, the search committee chairperson must complete Affirmative Action part II, which outlines the potential candidates to be interviewed for a given search.  Once approved, he/she is responsible for arranging for candidate visits, travel arrangements and interview schedules as needed.  The chair should talk with appropriate persons in the Business Office to assure that any required paperwork is filed with the Business Office to assure that reimbursement to the candidate is orchestrated in a timely fashion.   

All applicants to searches at the University should receive appropriate and timely responses from the search committee regarding their status in the search.  As a courtesy to individuals who apply to positions at the University, they should receive either a letter or an e-mail indicating if they have or have not been selected for an interview.  For individuals interviewed, this is especially important and they should be told in writing the outcome of the interview. 

The chair of the search committee is responsible for assuring that claimed highest credentials (minimally) are genuine prior to final interviews, but absolutely, prior to any job offers.  Also, prior to any job offer, Affirmative Action form III must be completed by the search committee chair and signed off by the Chief Diversity Officer on campus.


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