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Payment of Moving Expenses For New Employees
The following office is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in this policy:

Human Resources


Reimbursement of moving expenses is not mandatory.  It is a procedure established to assist in the recruitment of qualified candidates, and it is not expected that all new appointees will be authorized moving expenses. 

The University is authorized to provide up to $3,000 out of state funds for reimbursement of relocation expenses; however, it is possible for this maximum to be exceeded with Presidential approval.  For the Binghamton University campus, Joseph Schultz, Director of Human Resources, has been named as the President's designee to review over-the-maximum petitions. Claims for such payment must be made within one year of the effective date of appointment.  Original or carbon copies of all bills of lading/receipts showing payment in full are required.  Photocopies are not accepted.

The Department of Audit and Control limits reimbursement to certain actual and necessary moving and travel expenses.  Generally, these expenses include household goods defined as all reasonable items of furniture, furnishing, clothing, appliances, tools and equipment including necessary expenditures for handling items such as pianos. Not included are items such as automobiles and other motor vehicles, boats, building materials and belongings that are not the property of the appointee's immediate family. No reimbursement shall be provided for household goods and personal effects in excess of 12,000 pounds.  


The Vice President, Dean or appointment department (depending on area) will mail a letter to the faculty/staff person to whom moving expenses reimbursement may be provided.  In that letter, they shall indicate the maximum amount of money payable to the individual. 

After the new employee has signed the offer letter, the Vice President, Dean or department head will mail the new staff person to the appropriate forms and procedures available on the University's Accounts Payable and Travel website (

Once the necessary paperwork is completed and signed by the faculty or staff member, original receipts should be attached and returned to the Dean's office (in the case of faculty) or the Vice President's office (in the case of Student Affairs, Administrative Affairs, Research or External Affairs) for their review and signature.  After the appropriate signature, the paperwork is forwarded to the Accounts Payable Office (AD-512) for processing. 

Contact Persons:

Director of Accounts Payable, Travel, and Revenue Accounting, 7-2356
Director of Human Resources, 7-2187

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