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Welcome to JWH

The Journal of Women’s History moved to the History Department at Binghamton University in June 2010. The editors are: Jean H. Quataert and Leigh Ann Wheeler as co-editors, Elisa Camiscioli as book review editor, and Benita Roth as associate editor.
JWH Editors

From left to right: Benita Roth, Leigh Ann Wheeler, Jean Quataert, Elisa Camiscioli

It is a fitting move. In 1974, faculty at Binghamton University created one of the first Ph.D. programs in women’s history. Later, they founded the Center for the Historical Study of Women and Gender ( and developed the Women and Social Movements United States and International project. Thus, in assuming this new editorial responsibility, we continue Binghamton’s longstanding commitment to women’s history, especially as it intersects with the study of gender, sexuality, and global issues.

The Journal of Women’s History is the premier journal in the international field of women’s history. It has advanced the highest quality scholarship centering on women as active agents in different times, places and spaces, publishing the most sophisticated, cutting-edge theoretical and methodological approaches in the field. Our editorial team is committed to maintaining and expanding the unique place of the Journal in the academy by reflecting the state of the field and also guiding it in new directions. Like our predecessors, we are committed to expanding the boundaries of women’s and gender history to insure geographic diversity and comparative perspectives that also reach back to the medieval and early modern time frames. We hope to tap scholarship on geographic regions that have been underrepresented in the Journal, such as Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East and we welcome submissions from intersecting fields such as science and medicine, legal history, and queer studies. Under our editorship, the Journal will continue to feature the best work in the dynamic and increasingly comparative fields of U.S. and European women’s history.

Our most exciting editorial innovation is to bring the Journal of Women’s History fully to the internet, raise its visibility on relevant H-networks, and introduce online virtual forums and discussions to supplement the ideas, themes, and debates found in the published volumes.

The Journal of Women’s History brings exciting new opportunities to students of women’s and gender history at Binghamton University. Thanks to generous university support, the Journal employs two graduate students who will serve as managing editors. All graduate students on campus will benefit from the speaking engagements and forums that will launch the Journal’s arrival and sustain its tenure here.

By providing an additional focal point for the many interdisciplinary activities on campus that promote research on women and gender, the Journal also promises to invigorate our already vital interdisciplinary community of scholars in these areas. Many members of this group will serve on our Local Advisory Board. Collaborations with these individuals and the Center for the Historical Study of Women and Gender will enhance the creative energy the Journal of Women’s History and Binghamton University bring to this new partnership.